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What's the weirdest flavor/inclusion combination you've not only heard of in chocolate but have actually eaten?

Inquiring chocolate minds want to know.

I will start things off by saying that I think the Austrians are among the most adventurous when it comes to flavors in chocolate.

I used to think it was the Spanish when I was tasting the work of Enric Rovira (chocolate covered corn-nuts, pretty good actually) and Oriol Balaguer (the saffron truffles were definitely an acquired taste, and it was a lot of fun to give someone his pop-rocks chocolate without telling them what it was ...).

Lately, however, I think the prize has to go to Zotter. I took a look at a bar with an asparagus or artichoke and something or other filling and decided instead (whatever possessed me I do not know) to try the mustard and coffee bar. It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds, thought it is not something I would buy for myself (I got mine at Fog City News in SF) ever again.

There is another Austrian company I have heard of that is making camel's milk chocolate for sale in the middle east. I would definitely try it (at least once) just to know how it tasted different from cow's milk.

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I tasted the camel's milk chocolate at the New York Chocolate Show and liked it so much that I bought quite a few bars to give as gifts to friends. To me, it was just a good piece of milk chocolate and enjoyable. The sellers were German from Dubai.

I saw the just published article from Travel & Leisure, they've got about a dozen "strange" flavors listed, many of which have been mentioned already in this thread.


The most intriguing sounding new one was the kimchi covered chocolate...


btw, I recently tried and reviewed the Al Nassma camel milk chocolates, interesting...


btw2, Clay is quoted a lot in this article, which was written by Jessica Su of the Su Good Sweets blog.



From a sea of chocolate

We make Jalapeno brownies, cinnamon and chilli brownies, and orange brownies.  Some like them, some don't eat that flavor at all.  The best selling one though is the orange brownie.  Funny, I made up the jalapeno ones about two months ago and just saw it shown on TV lately.  Great minds and all, I guess.  ;)
Pepper and smoked salmon truffle. The pepper was nice but the fish, not so much.

1. Chocolate covered squid in asia

2. Bacon fat, solidified and enrobed in chocolate, in Georgia (the republic of, not the state)

The two most bizarre ingredients: tobacco and Habanero chile.  Chocolate with tobacco essence smelled like horse manure.  Chocolate with habanero oil was so hot it made my nose run.  Both were custom-ordered.
i had a truffle with real black truffle in it once  mmmm it was very odd
I have a customer who roasts garlic for their fine food store.  They asked me to do a chocolate with the garlic.  I was not sure how it would turn out or whether the taste would be disagreeable but actually since roasted garlic is very sweet, it is nice in a dark chocolate ganache.  i decorated with a bit of grains of paradise which was nice with the garlic.

Hello everyone, new to, but seemed like a pretty interesting site so decided to join :-)


- We have gotten a few requests for chocolate covered bacon. We thought that was pretty strange, but we looked it up and there are places that do make it. I also noted that it was something featured on "Jersey Shore" so I am sure that is also why we gotten recent requests for it. Especially being in NJ.



we make it and sell it wholesale.....get in touch
You should carry Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar or go more serious with Roni-Sue's whole bacon slice covered chocolate.


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