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What's the weirdest flavor/inclusion combination you've not only heard of in chocolate but have actually eaten?

Inquiring chocolate minds want to know.

I will start things off by saying that I think the Austrians are among the most adventurous when it comes to flavors in chocolate.

I used to think it was the Spanish when I was tasting the work of Enric Rovira (chocolate covered corn-nuts, pretty good actually) and Oriol Balaguer (the saffron truffles were definitely an acquired taste, and it was a lot of fun to give someone his pop-rocks chocolate without telling them what it was ...).

Lately, however, I think the prize has to go to Zotter. I took a look at a bar with an asparagus or artichoke and something or other filling and decided instead (whatever possessed me I do not know) to try the mustard and coffee bar. It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds, thought it is not something I would buy for myself (I got mine at Fog City News in SF) ever again.

There is another Austrian company I have heard of that is making camel's milk chocolate for sale in the middle east. I would definitely try it (at least once) just to know how it tasted different from cow's milk.

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wow,you are very adventereous.i cant even imagine combining something salty and spicy (like chili) with chocolate,and that it tastes good
They are one of our best selling brownies!  Let me know if you want some.  :)

From Sweden, with alo(v)e


"Aloe Vera and Chocolate tasting

Welcome to savor the world's most wholesome fruit, in combination with the world's most wholesome vegetable!

Both aloe vera and chocolate are known for their fantastic health benefits.  During this tasting you will experience just what a combination of these can create, both for taste, and for your wellbeing.  The tasting guide lectures on the pairing of aloe and chocolate for health, along with how YOU can become a connoisseur of chocolate.   You will learn the difference between good and bad production of both chocolate and aloe.  All the while we'll be testing both chocolate samples and aloe vera pralines of high quality.  In between bites of chocolate, we'll enjoy fruity aloe vera drinks."

Bacon and chocolate....its that chocolate line visingo..??

It in grocery was quite good....

I tried a duck confit truffle at the Chocolopolis Serious Chocolate contestyesterday -- very unusual, but lovely presentation (with flecks of gold), and would work as an appetizer served with cheese and fruit.

Yikes, sorry but I am a purest, I dont like the strange savory or sour ingredients being put in chocolate. I had a chef present to me some sort of Lettuce wrapped truffle at the world pastry championship one time, and I could not believe how bad it was, and this was a top chef. Experementing is fine, but nothing better that fresh and traditional chocolate flavors, no cheese please for me.

The strangest chocolate combination I had was in Belgium, Bitter ganache, with distillate
Of Havana leaves. and Almond praliné with crisp fried onion intersting combo not for every one.


My experience happened on accident.  I love cheese, and chocolate, but at a cafe, I had a sandwich and a slice of chocolate cake,.......there was a slice of swiss cheese that happened to get the chocolate on it....I was in cheese dipped in the chocolate frosting sold me.......i would live on that if i would kill me though.

In Italy I had some truffles that I won't forget. It has been a while ... I think it was in 2008 and Somewhere around Tuscany we had gotten a chocolate called Tobacco ... upon cutting it, there was actual smoke coming out of it. We honestly couldn't believe it and were just looking at each other thinking "Did I just see that or was it an illusion!" ...

Another confection from the same place was the Tequila ... and it contained an actual worm inside. It was hard to miss, as it was hard to cut through ... we both couldn't make ourselves eat it :)

Edit: I will have to find the picture of that one ... I just saw it on my screensaver the other day. It is too bad we couldn't capture the smoke from the other confection though.

are mint and cumin in milk or coriander and grapefruit in milk strange enough? This are just a few of my flavour combinations.. want to try them?
I once was served (did not order) a warm chocolate cake made with tapenada. Since it was on the table, I had to try it: one of the worst things I have ever tasted, ruined an otherwise great meal. I could not get the metallic taste of the black olives out of my mouth for weeks. Seriously, I just don't get it sometimes. I have a friend making chocolates with corn-nuts, olive oil, etc., all pretty nice as he is really good at balancing flavors. I did the saffron thing as well when we ate at Batali's place in NY years ago. The dessert was nice, but the best part of the meal was listening to Hendrix and Led Zep on the PA. They were playing albums all the way through...outstanding.


I have used goat's cheese and black truffle in a chocolate truffle that's made using extra virgil oilive oil.  real smooth nice taste...


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