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What's the weirdest flavor/inclusion combination you've not only heard of in chocolate but have actually eaten?

Inquiring chocolate minds want to know.

I will start things off by saying that I think the Austrians are among the most adventurous when it comes to flavors in chocolate.

I used to think it was the Spanish when I was tasting the work of Enric Rovira (chocolate covered corn-nuts, pretty good actually) and Oriol Balaguer (the saffron truffles were definitely an acquired taste, and it was a lot of fun to give someone his pop-rocks chocolate without telling them what it was ...).

Lately, however, I think the prize has to go to Zotter. I took a look at a bar with an asparagus or artichoke and something or other filling and decided instead (whatever possessed me I do not know) to try the mustard and coffee bar. It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds, thought it is not something I would buy for myself (I got mine at Fog City News in SF) ever again.

There is another Austrian company I have heard of that is making camel's milk chocolate for sale in the middle east. I would definitely try it (at least once) just to know how it tasted different from cow's milk.

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Once in Belgium I tried a chocolate with a chili-mango-taste. It was pretty odd and nothing I would eat a second time honestly..

I feel you at that one^^ I had that kind of flavour too, with a liquid filling

Aussie vegimite and white chocolate. The vegimite kind of caramilises and the sweet from white choc mixes well with the saltiness from the vegimite. We did them for Australia day and ANZAC day. Very yummy.

Oh, and I can think of another one: Once a friend of mine gave me Ouzo-chili-chocolate as a present. Maybe from Greece? I don't remember it. The only thing I remember is that it tasted way better than it sounds ;)

This combo actually makes sense to me.  The ouzo is kind of licorice-fennel flavor and the hot chili.  I've occasionally eaten a bar from Vice chocolates in California that's 65% cocoa and is topped with dried figs and fennel seeds.  I'd like it a little higher in cocoa content but I'm quibbling.  Very good.

I just got to taste a pretty fascinating set of mushroom pralines, made by the fantastic hungarian chocolatier and bean-to-bar chocolate makers "Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé" ! Although I like combinations of savory/salty flavors with chocolate (such as more common classics with pepper, chili, or smoked salt...), I have to say that I was a little affraid of eating mushroom flavored chocolates. Their pretty box contains 9 pralines of 3 different mushroom flavors (Chanterelle, Morel and Porcini).

Guess what? They all taste great and I bet they make an incredible combination if eaten with a good, strong wine (the mushroom taste is not overly dominant though, which was probably a wise decision).  

Oo I like this topic!

I have tried some strange combinations in chocolate bars before like potato chip, coconut curry and white chocolate olive, but I JUST stumbled upon Cocanu chocolates. Several of the bars have wood in them, and they are surprisingly good! 

Say what, wood??? 

Well, I just found out that it's actually wood infused, but it's still very interesting. One bar was made with Palo Santo wood-it's smoked, and the chocolate absorbs the flavor. The other chocolate I tried from that company was made with a bitter Italian drink. The whole line of bars is very good! 

That is cool. The place I live is known for fragrant woods (Taiwan), maybe I should give it a shot :D

Definitely! I was very surprised at how good it was. :)

I have a running theory that chocolate goes with everything, but some of these combinations mentioned are challenging even my particular brand of optimism.

This week I picked up dark chocolates with basil and white ganache, as well as one with roasted red peppers from Tifa Chocolate in Agoura Hills, CA. Both are utterly delicious - strong basil flavor but it still works with its heavenly chocolate robe. 

I'll post pics and reviews of both soon (!


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