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Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in receiving a sample of my bean to bar chocolate in exchange for an HONEST critique. I have done some blind tastings, but it is difficult finding a pool of "chocolate wise" subjects in order to get informed feedback. After living with this chocolate for so long, I feel like I cant be objective with it anymore. Any takers? I would particularly love to send one to you Clay if you are willing.
Hallot Parson

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Yes, I'd like to do this. I live in Garner, and I've already been to your store and tried several of your chocolates. Please email me at LyrhNC (at) and we can make some plans. I've made detailed review notes on >180 chocolates that I've tasted, and if you look at those you can get an idea of my preferences and my methods.

I have no problems with your offer. A couple of etiquette points, however.

1) Anyone who wants to take Hallot up on his offer should send him a message (click on the send message link under the headline) with your contact information. Please do not enter your mailing address and/or phone number in a comment to this post.

2) It would be great if everyone who took Hallot up on his offer posted constructive criticism here in this forum thread.

:: Clay
I'd be happy to sample your chocolate and critique it. I'm not seeing the send message button that Clay references below but you can email me offline vconyngham[at] for my address.
The Send Message link is just to the right of Hallot's member photo right at the top of the post - two lines below the headline.
Hi Clay,

I think that the "send message" link is only there for one's friends. For example, I can see it for you, and my other friends, but not for Valerie or Hal. I suppose it is an anti-spam feature, but there have been a few times where I have wanted to send a message to "non-friends" and couldn't figure out how.
I have to admit to getting confused as to where to post replies to people myself. I should have just placed my email address in the original post.
So, anyone who would like to receive a sample, just send a shipping address to: I would also love feedback on packaging design as well. That has always been a real challenge for me. Thanks to everyone.

I'd love to give you feedback with the packaging design. I'll send you an email. :)
QUOTE "I think that the "send message" link is only there for one's friends. " /END QUOTE


Strangely, on this page I can only see the "Send Message" option for you. Everyone else-- Hallot, Alan, Valerie, Sera-- are in My Friends list, but none of them have the "Send Message" option. I wonder why? Do you see the "Send message" for each of us?

BTW, what does "permalink to this reply" do?


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