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What are the world’s most expensive chocolates?

For uniformity of comparison we'll use a standard of Price (US$)/100g.

1) Cocoa Gourmet

Their most expensive is Duo Gold at US$253/piece!!. (US$506 for 2 pieces.) They offer gold and silver leaf covered chocolates. When I inquired about the weight my personal chocolate concierge replied, “Each Baton d’Or (22 carat gold chocolate) weight 26 grams once adorned”. So the total weight of the 2 pieces is 52 g. The price is...

$973.08/100g!! ($4427.50/lb)!

You also get a velvet lined wooden box with an engraved brass plate. As for the chocolate, they unabashedly say that it's just a couverture shell, covering a filling. In answer to my inquiry, I was told that the shell is Flechin Grand Cru Maracaibo Clasificado 65%. The silver version costs the same as the gold.

I first read about this on Clay’s TCL blog entry “Sometimes It's *Not* About The Chocolate

2) Noka

Their most expensive is Vintages Collection, 4 piece box, in a stainless steel box.
Good investigative journalism uncovered this. Read the synopsis version here from or the full version here. I called Noka and learned that you get 8.5g of chocolate for your $39. (That's the total weight of 4 pieces, so 1 piece is a mere 2.13g!) Therefore the price is...

US$458/100g (or $2084/lb).

Do you have more to add? What chocolate is in 3rd place?

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Expensive truffles

The Madeleine Truffle (You have to scroll down the page.)
WHERE: Knipschildt Chocolatier; Norwalk, Conn.
PRICE: $250 per truffle, or $6,000 per pound
Re: # 2) Cocoa Gourmet--That is just craziness--- I know because we custom gold leaf some of our chocolates, so I am very aware of the time and cost involved in gilding chocolates. They are marking those up by about 250 dollars each, I imagine! Wow.
I gathered more information about the weights of the chocolates and updated the list accordingly. See my original post for the updated version.
I've been to the NOKA shop in Dallas, and had 2 of their "truffles". I thought the whole process was just foolish. The small store is impressive to look at, and packaging was extreme - The box of 2 truffles came with its own full color brochure showing various photos including one of a mountain peak (no idea what the relevance of that is).

The chocolates can only be described as mediocre. This is a place where flash is more important than content or quality. I would be ashamed.
In another place someone called these "con-fections". What an apt term!
My find isn't near as outrageous as the prices of Cocoa Gourmet or Noka, but still expensive. I recently went in Dessert Studio (the old Michel Cluizel boutique) and saw they were selling Amedei Chua 50g bars for $19.50 and Amedei Porcelana 50g bars for $22.50. Thats almost $10 per bar more than Chososphere and the other shops in NY.


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