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Trends from the World's Top Chocolate Artisans

Tuesday, May 20th at the All Candy Expo in Chiciago 3:30pm

Panelists: Michael Antonorsi, Chuao Chocolatier Master Chef and Elaine Gonzalez, Master Chocolatier Emerita, and Jeff Shepherd, Chocolatier and Organic farmer of Lillie Belle Farms Hand Made Chocolates

Join our panel of top chocolate artisans for a delicious afternoon Hot Chocolate drink and a look at the hottest new trends in gourmet chocolates relating to consumers, flavors, products, points of distribution, sales and markets.

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To everyone who is going to be there from those of us who aren't, please take photos and/or videos, post comments and the like.

:: Clay
Looking forward to meeting you gwen. This is very last minute but i am honored to have been chosen as a "trendsetter". My friend "paul" from chefrubber is the moderator; should be fairly lively.

nothing like an all expense paid 48 hour journey to chicago.
so you wanna go drinking with the big boys do ya?

well well well......

I must warn you my chicago crew has nefarious ways and means and we often watch the sunrise from atop the sears tower after an all night binge.....of chocolate, or course...
Jeff and Gwen,

I'll be at the All Candy Expo as well. This will be my first time. I'm new to the business. Maybe I'll join you for a drink or two!!
Well that was fast and furious. It was nice to meet you gwen. I am not sure we accomplished a damn thing in 45 minutes but we gave it a good shot.
Can someone post a synopsis or notes from the session?
A lot of people were scribbling hard cybele.

we did, however touch upon many subjects. My favorites being the edumacation of the american palate in regards to finer chocolate, the inherent retailer/producer struggle of shelf life for finer chocolates, the incredibly high and rising cost of basic ingredients and shipping, and the Mass vs. Artisan approach.....

gwen would probably have a better handle on what was actually said memory is shot
Hi Jeff,

It was a very informative session, although short and fast. Sorry, I was in a hurry to beat the Chicago traffic going home, I did not have the time to introduce myself to you. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Chicago.



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