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At the lovely shop I work at, we just got a couple of boxes of Pralus le 100%. The packaging is new to us, with mostly beige and only a couple stripes of grey (although the glue still doesn't keep the wrappers sealed!)...I think the flavor is new also! (maybe this is already a known fact??) ( to you on vacation!)

The 100 bar that was in the full grey wrapper was amazing--no sugar, and yet one could SWEAR it had sugar. It was hard for me to believe there was no sugar. I was not fully convinced it had no sugar...

Maybe my tongue was off yesterday, and I only had a quick bite of each, but the newly packaged 100 tastes very different to me. As though there really is no sugar or sweetener in it, as the label suggests. It tasted more like Cluizel's 99%, the more bitter chocolate that one would expect from the le 100%.

SO..thoughts? Are the bars different? Was there really a sweetener in the grey wrapped Pralus le 100% bar? Should I not delve into this?

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There are many things that contribute to the flavor of a chocolate. The differences you attest to sugar could come from a different bean blend, different roasting, and several other factors.

Also, Cluizel's le Noir Inifini 99% contains a small amount of bergamot. Next time you taste it, have a cup of earl grey tea or a tea bag and smell the chocolate bar and the tea. You should be able to detect the citrusy aroma of the bergamot in the chocolate. That is one way to alter your perception of the flavor of the chocolate without adding sugar - and it's not on the label as I remember. So (maybe?) there is some sort of essential oil in the new Pralus 100% bar that is affecting your perception of the taste.

:: Clay
PS. It's okay to mention where you work! (FEEI (for everyone else's info) it's Alma in Portland, OR).


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