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I love vivid and moving descriptions of chocolate! They can conjure up images that really capture what you're experiencing. Vivid metaphors enhance pleasure by intensifying the experience through the imagination. Have you read (or written) any good ones lately? I've got several to share.

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While tasting Amedei's I-Cru Trinidad I just read this:
"That's not what you'll remember. Instead it will be that sensation of diving into a field of raspberries, like a sunny July day with all the berries at their peak of freshness and screaming to be eaten right off the bush."
by Alex Rast at
Here's a classic from Cybele at Candy Blog. She writes about the Bonnat 100% Cacao bar-
"this is like Phillip Glass & Stephen Sondheim collaborating on some sort of atonal opera about database programmers performed by deaf alley cats in a poorly ventilated auditorium with squeaky chairs that pinch. It’s probably a wonderful intellectual experiment, but it’s not an enjoyable physical one."
I read this today about Amedei's I-Cru Madagascar...

“Madagascar is truly a beautiful young virgin bride in her wedding dress.” - by Alex Rast at
and that begs to we eat it or sleep with it???
To which question there is but one reply, "Yes."
I think that Rachel Rifat is being modest. She should've posted her review of Hershey's Bliss on her blog Chocolate Snob. It's longer, but one of the most creative and entertaining that I've read:

"dear hershey,

last night, when you came back into my life, i was unsure about letting you in... but you tempted me. you just had to wear that flashy pink outfit with sparkles and tell me that you have changed...

having grown up together, our history has been long, fun, and complex. i still remember the good times when we made s'mores at camp; the funny times when you bumped into that guy's peanut butter; and the scary times when i snuck you into china.

last night's moment we shared on the sofa was full of suspense. when i started opening your package, i knew i should have stopped - - - but i had to keep going...

as we started kissing, i noticed that you did not have any distinctive flavor. you were just too sweet and you left a weird sugary taste in my throat. by the way, what was with that nut residue? it felt like you slipped me a peanut m&m.

sorry hershey, but i am still not ready for us to get back together... you pretended to be something you are not or maybe it is the other's in my life who take me on adventures and find ways to indulge me.

i hope we can still be friends,

hugs and kisses,
rachel "
Here's one of my own, from my database, on the taste of Amedei Porcelana-
"Elegant and sophisticated, yet delicate and gentle, like a Duchess of 1800s British royalty."
"Ever wondered what a chocolate-covered steel girder would taste like? Here’s your answer."

by Hans-Peter Rot describing Venchi Cuor di Cacao 85% in his article at "Cocoa Content", The World’s Worst Chocolate Bars, Part 1

That question cracked me up! I have to admit that I've never wondered that.
"The chocolate will literally make you cringe in pain as the bitterness rails through your spine, rendering nerves and shattering bone along the way."

by Hans-Peter Rot, on Slitti Gran Cacao 100% in his article "The World’s Worst Chocolate Bars, Part 2"

How yummy! I can't wait to try this experience!
I recently came across this image that was designed to make references to wine descriptors and I find it interesting for describing chocolate, too. It's definitely more visually (rather than metaphorically) vivid, but I thought I'd share.
"friend's notes: wood from a coffin that's had a corpse in it for a year, final note of cockroach"

About the flavor of Chocolove Sao Tome 2005
by Casey at The Chocolate Note
Here's one of my own, from my book The Language of Chocolates: "The best way to eat a ganache is to let it slowly deliquesce on the tongue like a communion wafer".


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