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I love vivid and moving descriptions of chocolate! They can conjure up images that really capture what you're experiencing. Vivid metaphors enhance pleasure by intensifying the experience through the imagination. Have you read (or written) any good ones lately? I've got several to share.

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A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine.

From Lee at Chocolate Reviews on the Prestat Choxi 70% Dark with Oriental Mint bar

"The first thought I got when I tried it was of the suburbs of Prague which I visited some fourteen years ago. Back then they hadn’t been out of communist rule long and certainly hadn’t any concept of environmental protection. This bar reminded me of the acrid aroma of those industrial districts that I got lost in. I found it difficult to breathe then and I find it similarly hard to swallow this chocolate."

By Lee McCoy review of The Chocolate Cafe 70% Dark Chocolate

"Other times I like a warm blanket of chocolate that comes with a head massage and being told the tax man is giving you a rebate.  This is that sort of chocolate."

I went to 2011 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon, something I would like to share:


Fine chocolate is expensive, but less expensive than therapy - a visitor's T-shirt


"This is more of a beautiful girl next door than a Cheryl Cole with her hoard of image consultants dictating her appearance."

by Lee McCoy of Chocolate Reviews on Mast Brothers Chuao


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