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Does anyone know the proper way to use these two-piece molds? This style has two buttons that let the two pieces "snap" together. Should I deposit some chocolate in, snap them together, and shake? Or, make two separate pieces and then stick them together later with melted chocolate?

I tried the snap-and-shake method, and a small amount of chocolate oozed out of the cavity, making for an ugly looking rabbit.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Hi Robby,

I use similar molds.  I close them with thick elastic bands.  It will give a nice seal so no poor seam in the finished product.  What I do is weigh in a set amount of chocolate into 1 side of the mold (you'll have to play around to get the proper amount - too little and the walls will be thin; too much and the latent heat due to the closed mold will kick the chocolate out of temper).  I then put the top side on and quickly put my elastic bands on (I would use 3 for that mold.  I have bigger molds that I use small bungie cords on).  Using a vibrator, I turn the mold on each side to deposit the chocolate (start towards the ears as they will be your biggest challenge).  I do this twice - the second time faster to get an even coating of chocolate.  I then become the human spinning machine!  I 'spin' the mold in front of a fan for at least 2 minutes.  Then it's into the fridge.  I then turn the mold every minute as I prepare for the next one (I just turn it a few times).  Yes, it's a pain, but kinda fun too! 

What you have to be careful of with a closed mold is latent heat taking the chocolate out of temper.  Don't let the mold sit around at room temp.  Your bunny might look fine on the outside but break it open and the insides will likely be white.   The fan on the mold when you're spinning will help set it quickly as well.  Some people keep a small fan in their fridge.  This would help in this case - but I haven't found it necessary.

Best of luck with your bunny!

Thanks Lana. I just saw your other posting on this subject. Great looking bunnies, by the way!

I have a question...


Where can you get good quality 3D molds like this? 

Not positive but this might be the same mold at Chocolat-chocolat


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