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Hi - I have a gourmet popcorn business.  We make extraordinary popcorn.  I'm looking for a Dark Chocolate Drizzle Recipe to WOW the masses!  Something new, something unique but something extraordinary.  Willing to pay a $200.00 prize and name the recipe after the creator.  R U Game!

Cornology, just extraordinary popcorn!

send in your creations to

thanks for your interest.


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Are you just looking for a dark chocolate drizzle with no added flavors, or something with a flavor other than just the chocolate itself?

first - thanks for your interest.  We are looking for something with flavor added to the dark chocolate that would compliment the plain popped popcorn.  Looking for something different - not sure what different is but we can taste it.  a taste begging for another and another.

Hope this helps.

How about chocolate and caramel?

I'm trying to stay on the healthy side.  We have milk chocolate and caramel already.  I'm looking for something that will zing up plain butterfly popcorn.

Vanilla flavored candy coating on the corn followed by a drizzle of dark chocolate is very tasty!

Thanks Ryan - We are looking for something more extraordinary..  Vanilla flavored coating is something we do on our sweet corn.  I'm looking for a combination that is different and exciting and at the same time mouth watering and different that will WOW our customers and keep them coming back for more.  Thank you for your suggestion and your interest though. 

Mint and dark chocolate...

Thanks but we do that already. 

How about some kind of chipotle and dark chocolate drizzle?

Can you elaborate please

I'm not really too sure..I haven't done anything with popcorn before. But my initial thoughts would be some kind of spice mix for the butterfly popcorn.. i'm thinking chipotle with a hint of lime freshness combined with a drizzle of dark chocolate.

Come up with the recipe and our chef will put it together to see how it works


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