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Hi - I have a gourmet popcorn business.  We make extraordinary popcorn.  I'm looking for a Dark Chocolate Drizzle Recipe to WOW the masses!  Something new, something unique but something extraordinary.  Willing to pay a $200.00 prize and name the recipe after the creator.  R U Game!

Cornology, just extraordinary popcorn!

send in your creations to

thanks for your interest.


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How about chocolate cheese cake and dark chocolate drizzle?

interesting - how does that work, "chocolate cheese cake? 

I think I would make chocolate cheese cake, (or any kind of cheese cake), roll small pieces in little balls, enrobe the balls of cheese cake in dark chocolate, and drizzle everything with dark chocolate. The drizzle would hold everything together, similar to the way peanuts and popcorn are combined, (like Cracker Jacks.) This sounds so good, I may just do it myself.

You have to remember we need to produce this on a daily basis.  If we can't mix it in or pop it with we can't do it.  We don't bake anything.  Sounds great what you are suggesting but it's out of our ability. 

I propose a chile spiced caramel  corn with a dark chocolate drizzle. First, create a caramel with a blend of spices, cayenne, cinnamon, ancho chile. Coat the popped popcorn with this caramel mixture. Then when the caramel corn is cooled down, drizzle it with good quality dark chocolate. Let me know what you think?

Hello Daniel -

We are trying to get away from all sweet.  The popcorn will be plain butterfly popcorn popped in oil.  The Dark Chocolate mixture will provide the flavor. 


I understand. In that case, may I alternatively propose your plain popcorn with a high quality 72% dark chocolate. Many Health conscious people like the idea of high quality dark chocolate without added flavorings. Guittard 72% dark chocolate couverture is nice stuff at a good price. 


You actually inspired me to create this batch of popcorn. It is really fantastic and I'm going to find a way to add it to my product line. Prior to this post, popcorn was not on my brain. Thanks!


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