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I have a client that wants solid chocolate in a very high cocoa content (he is an ironman participant) for Christmas Gifts.   Where could I order not a huge volume of really good dark dark chocolate?   Like 100 lbs to start...

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Online - 100 lbs is a lot to ship, but there are on-line stores you can order from. Chocosphere has one of the broadest selections, but it's in Oregon so shipping to you is going to be most expensive. So going ... 

Local - 

There should be a bakery supply company in your area. They will usually carry a number of different chocolate brands, most likely the more commercial brands. They may or may not require you to set up an account, but the ones in my area will sell to just about anyone.

If you have a friend in a restaurant (or bakery) who orders through Sysco, UNFI, or another major distributor they also carry major brands and you might be able to get them to include the chocolate you want in their next order. You'll get good prices and shipping should be free.

If you're looking for a particular brand, e.g., Valrhona, Domori, Callebaut, Guittard, look up the company web site for their local distributor or call the 800# to find out who sells it locally.

I usually purchase about 1000 lbs at the time & have it delivered by truck. 

I wanted to try out a dark chocolate before buying in bulk.  100 lbs would probably

do my customers for Christmas.  Could not remember the different brands, so you have really helped me.   Thanks!


In your opinion, would you start with Valrhona?

To test for solid molds.....  70%

What's your budget? And is your customer sophisticated enough to tell the difference and be willing to pay for it?

Valrhona is a good chocolate but it's at the upper end of the range, price wise. Even in 100lb quantities you're looking at $8+/pound plus shipping.

Callebaut/Cacao Barry, Belcolade, Guittard - you should be able to get those for between $3-5/lb. Domori would be about the same price as Valrhona.

If you're remelting and molding, unless the customer has specified a gourmet European brand, perhaps a US-made product might be nice. Guittard is made in California. There are some Callebaut-branded chocolates that are made in Vermont.

I may be able to help you out on the Guittard and/or Valrhona if you can't find a local supplier.

I have tried the Guittard samples before. No my customers are not sophicated enough to know the difference & $8/lb would not fly I am sure.       So I guess Guittard it will be...

if I have difficulties obtaining trial amount, I'll let you know.   Thanks so much!

I have always used Peters, but need a higher cocoa content product for a few clients.

Do want to test before I go crazy ordering.  Maybe they can help me with this.


Just called Peters and they do have a 70% bittersweet.  

I'll go back to their brochures before I order Monday.   


Guittard has a range of chocolates with 70%+ cocoa content. Many of them are available in bar form and you might be able to find them at a local retailer. This will be cheaper than buying samples in either 1k or 5kg boxes.

Thanks.  I live an hour from any size town...2 hrs from Raleigh....

so maybe there.  

Swiss Chalet Fine Foods sells Felchlin but the cheapest I saw on their website was Cru Hacienda Elvesia 74% Rondo in 6 kg bags for $6.75/lb.  Others are $8+to over $11/lb.  Sounds like it's too expensive for what you want.


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