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Hello my friends,


I'm going to try one last time to get this "tempering" thing down before I throw the machine in the street and run it over repeatedly!!!  It's just not adding up....I follow directions very well but I'm obviously doing something wrong or screwing up a particular step in the process. Please....if someone out there uses the ACMC Tempering Machine I would appreciate it if you could tell me where I am going wrong.


I use Guittard Couverture Milk, White and Dark


Start temp at 115 degrees and leave at temp for 10-20 min.

Turn on rotation motor once chocolate starts to melt.


After 10-20 minutes, add 1/3 chocolate to seed,

reduce temp to (below) and leave at temp for 10 min.


For Milk 84, White 82, Dark 86


Bring temp back up to temp (below) and leave for 10 min.


For Milk 86, White 86, Dark 88


Chocolate should be ready to use.


I'm very sad because I am not enjoying this any longer. One day my chocolate comes out beautiful  and the next day it is absolutely horrible! I would appreciate any help before I throw in the towel.









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I had been wondering why the rev2 called for adding seed chocolate at the beginning of the temper cycle when the melted chocolate is still at 108. The seed is pretty useless until the front of the baffle melted chocolate is below 95, right? I'm going to try grating my seed and adding at a lower temp as per your rec. Thanks!
Thank you Jeff and everyone else that has responded to my question. I have lots of good tips now to try and improve my results. It's so frustrating when you get a good result and try a second time only to flop! I will master this chocolate thingy if it kills me! Thanks again everyone for all your help. Lisa
I've been having similar frustrations with a newly acquired chocovision rev2. I got great results for a couple of batches and now I'm getting some streaking and swirls.

What approaches are people using after pouring their molds? I've had drastically different results depending on whether I refrigerate. The non-refrigerated molds are not tempering, while bars placed in the fridge about 20-30 minutes after pouring are fairly well tempered, but with some minor blemishes.

The temperature in my work area is around 75, but humidity has been very high lately due to heavy rains.

Thanks to all for the useful suggestions!
I have a Chocovision too. If you add a large block of seed after you hit the blinking light, you can lift it out again when your chocolate is tempered. (Learned this from Genie Ranck of The Chocolate Spike.) Why they specify adding seed at this point? Not sure, but is works. You can call them or ask at a show; they are very nice. Adding shavings is a good idea when you are seeding manually.

For molding: that humidity can be killer. That said, do you bring your mold temperature up so you're not pouring warm chocolate into a cold mold. Do you wipe out your molds first with a cotton dish towel, maybe there are release marks? Do you have a fan to circulate the air above the molds once poured? Do you let the chocolate start to set up before refrigerating?

As for the temperature of your workplace: I know there are two schools of thought. I've been taught to keep the temperature at 65 to 68. And I've been taught to keep the temperature at 74. Both have worked for me. When the room is warmer, into the cool room or fridge faster. Humidity? Lately I've been living in a sauna and the A/C can't keep up. We do our best. I have a dedicated unit in the cool room, but it's still a problem. We do our best.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Bayla - those are useful tips. Hadn't thought of the fan. I tried refrigerating directly after pouring and also after the chocolate sets. Similar results: decent snap and temper, but with small blemishes (release marks I believe). The immediate refrigeration bars had a bit less shine to them.

I just learned that polycarbonate molds need some special care in the last week and am starting to polish more assiduously - it's a drag!

Say hello to the Virginia mountains for me - I miss them!


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