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ACMC chocolate temperer motor replacement (You know, the white table-top one).

Okay, so in our shop, we have a couple of large Hilliards tempering pots and one ACMC pot used only for tempering white chocolate. Its motor has recently burned out. I need to replace it and would like to know if anyone has a recommendation for either a better motor or a specs to ask for when calling a company for a replacement.

I'd like to say, before this discussion gets into a "you need a better temperer," I know this and plan to do so, but can't shelve this temperer just yet.

Thanks for any info you can share in replacing this motor.

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When I had an ACMC, the temp control went out.  I called the company and they had me send it back to them.  They charged $100 and sent me a totally new melter.  If they are still in business, you might call them first.

Dayton makes a motor that works (Acklands Grainger sells them), and uses metal gears.  Model DMD4LL07.  The problem with the ACMC motors is that the gear boxes are plastic, and they ALL strip. (I have 6 of those machines and all of them have had the motors replaced).


The holes for the screws even fit with the Dayton motor.. 


It's 3rpm slower than the ACMC motors, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.




You will need to weld on a small extension to the shaft coming from the gear box and shape it to fit the collar that turns the bowl.   I did that as a test with one of my machines, and the motor hasn't failed since.


Hope that helps.



Do you know if this (DMD4LL07) is still an active part number? I just tried to locate one and cannot find it. I just had my second motor go out. Such a bummer, and I'd like to have something more stable if I'm gonna spend the money to fix it. Just ordered another plastic gear motor in the meantime.



I have looked for a better replacement and found a similar gear motor through Acklands Grainger.  However, the shaft length is different, and I had to weld an extension to the end to make it fit the ACMC.  Unfortunately the only decent option is to order new motors from ACMC.

i appreciate it! I ordered an exact replacement and had it up and running in about 15 minutes. It was a quick fix. I want to look into the motor Brad mentioned though, because I can only expect another 3 yrs out of this new motor and I like to think that a 700 dollar machine should run longer than that. I may just try to build one from scratch.

Thanks a lot and expect more questions from me...

Don't know if this will work, came across this DIY temperer on youtube


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