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ACMC Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine Digital Temperature Readout 6 lb capacity

Hi, I'm very new to this chocolate making (apart from a little "playing with it as a hobby) Can anyone tell me more about the ACMC Tabletop Chocolate Tempering Machine Digital Temperature Readout 6 lb capacity. Is it a good one, does it have an agitator or do you have to stir it yourself. Money is very tight and this price is closer to what I can afford as many others I have look at.




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It is an ok temperer.  The bowl rotates with a divider in the middle to keep the lump chocolate from the melted.  It doesn't hold very much but maintains the temp well.  A bit bulky.  One thing to consider--the heat source is light bulbs and they are being discontinued in the next few years.
Thanks Ruth. So, maybe it is not such a good idea. I will have to look at my finances once again.
Good little machine for home use and does a good job tempering. Small table top size. If you are an at home chocolatier ok but if you are serious then find a better machine and larger capacity.
Most chefs just use a good warming kettle and temper by hand by seeding the chocolate and mixing.
I never thought about that light bulb heater thing, that could be an issue in a few years when they are all gone. Hilliards run on bulbs also. Hmmm.
Thanks Richard, I think I will start out with a warming kettle. I see you can get quite large ones for much less. Maybe I will stick to the old bain marie method for not.
Great starter machine, we outgrew it in about a year and now we use it for keeping tempered white chocolate.  Certainly served its purpose to get us off the ground.  Now we use 80-lb Hilliard's machines for dark & milk.
Thaks cheebs, maybe I'll wait a little as I said to Richard. I am scared about the bulb issue.
I think the bulb thing is a non-issue.  There are industrial applications that will require incandescent bulbs for years to come.  Also, other countries will be very slow to follow suit.  We have a 10-15 year window at least before they start becoming scarce.
Thanks cheebs, you are probably right, and living in South Africa it should probably be even longer before it becomes a problem


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