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I naturally have thought of adding my own ingredients to a 99% couverture chocolate I can get hold of. Is this an easy thing to do i.e can I
just simply add my own milk powder and cocoa butter to a melted chocolate? can I
add things like a liquor, Cognac or even fruit juice, for example juiced
straberries ect?

PS. Can I use liquid milk instead of powdered form? I'm from England and there's a chocolate bar that states it uses real milk.
Obviously I can't stand the thing now that I'm aware of decent


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Liquid milk, liquor or fruit juice can't be used in chocolate. It will cause the chocolate to seize. Those liquids can however be used if making a ganche.

You can add cocoa butter to couverature - however adding sugar may result in a grainy product. Sugar is generally added before the conching process insuring that the particle size becomes very small and thereby preventing it from be detected as crystalline by the tongue.
Thanks for the information - Obviously I'm no Chocolatier yet would like to add my own ingredients where possible.

How about honey as a form of sweetning?

Thanks again.


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