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Hi all, I have been following thsi forum, learn a lot from every single post and blog post. however there is still one question in regards to adding spice and favour to chocolate..

I am currently experiementing to add some spice.favouring to my tempered chocolate by using infusing method. However, to infused butter, should i use only cocoa butter? can i use unsalted??

2) i am looking to do up a chili & mint chocolate bar. is there any other methods to achieve that? i have tried many ways such as infusing chocolate and straining the chili out, but find that this way create a lot of wasted chocolates. I have also tried adding chili powder inside, but it doesnt seem to melt together with the chocolate.

 I have found out that adding cocoa butter in to tempered chocolate will caused the chocolate to melt faster. Thus am wondering if there are any other methods to add spice and favoring to tempered chocolate. 

Am hoping for some help from all experience chocolatier in this forum.




Chocolate Girl from Asia.

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