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I purchased a 12l melting kettle through Chocolate World, it is a Mol D'art model.  I am in New Zealand which is about as far away from Belgium as you can get.

It failed after one week and it is not the thermostat, the unit is not getting any power.

The advice from Mol D'art through Chocolate World is that it is possibly something wrong with the wiring and suggested I open the melting kettle up by unscrewing all the screws and check the wiring.

Not being an electrician, or having the faintest idea about wiring, this seems pretty strange advice - and extremely unsafe!  Has anyone else experienced issues with warranties on Mol D'art products?  Have I just bought a lemon?

- Stu

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Hi Stu,

Argh! That's a pain! Can you hire an electrician and charge Mol D'art? I have done some wiring and electronics so perhaps I could see something wrong if you sent me a photo of the board where power is coming in, but it's hard unless you can test voltages in different areas. Might just have to wait till the next time I come down to New Zealand to visit but not sure yet when that'll be!

The main thing you have to be careful of when playing with electronics/electrical supplies is definitely unplug everything before you open it up but also avoid large capacitors which look like this, and need to be discharged with a plastic handled screwdriver before working in their vincinity as they can store charge even when unplugged. 

But Mol D'Art should be jumping to fix this, not asking you to delve into their shoddy machinery!



Nat Bletter, PhD

Chocolate Flavormeister

Madre Chocolate  

I ran into the same problem with a couple of other pieces of chocolate equipment from Europe. 


After tearing the equipment apart completely, I narrowed the problem down to the black plug on the machine where the cord (kind of like a computer power cable) plugs in.  Unbeknownst to me, there is a TINY in-line fuse in the plug mechanism, which isn't disclosed on ANY manuals or user documentation.  The fuse is on the negative (hot) circuit.


This was a completely frustrating PITA for me, and may be your problem.  My suggestion is to wrap the stupid, and unneccessary fuse with tinfoil, put it back and forget it exists.


Hope that helps.


Update - well, they are now offering to take the unit back and have even given me their UPS details so I don't have to pay the shipping.  While I will be down a melter for a while, this is a pretty good change of heart from them.

- Stu

Update 2: Well, the melting tank arrived back 3 days ago, and I noticed that I could not keep chocolate in a good crystallized state.  It appeared to be getting too warm - and sure enough, ten minutes after getting the chocolate pre-crystallized, it goes out of temper and very liquid. 

So it appears it has a faulty thermostat now.  UG!  My other Mol D'art 12l is fine, i have no issues with that one, but with this one:  I guess once a lemon, always a lemon.  I let the milk chocolate in it cool down after switching it off, stirring - took about an hour - and got it back to tempered state (lovely shiny test and all), checked with thermometer which showed 29.8 degrees C, and what did the thermostat say?  It clicked on and off at around 18 looks like this one is going BACK to Mol D'art.  And this is a brand new machine, twice faulty now.

I am also cancelling my order for 2 x 6l Mol D'art melting kettles, as I have totally lost faith in this brand, so if anyone knows a good RELIABLE brand of melting kettle that would be available in 230v (New Zealand), please let me know. 


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