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My name is Glenn and I am sort of new here to The Chocolate Life and I apologize for not having introduced myself yet in the forum. I plan on doing so soon so you can get my background with regards to my passion and love of chocolate.

I am trying to learn and get familiar with airbrushing polycarbonate molds with various colored cocoa butters. I have been doing some research and I am going to go with a Badger 350 - its a simple single action air brush that is good for cocoa butter usage and its affordable.

I am at a point (and a standstill) because I am looking for a good air compressor that will work well with the Badger 350 and not be super loud but will also not give me problems down the road.

After reading a bunch of posts on the forum, I see that many say to check out Chef Rubber's air compressors. 

I narrowed down my choice to the RubbAire Starter 1/5HP or the RubbAire Deluxe 1/3HP which has two hoses.

My question to everyone is what are the pros and cons of these two?

Also, has anyone used the Badger 350 and have had success using a RubbAire compressor or have they used a different brand compressor? Pros and Cons?

Any other suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Buy an Iawata, they rock. Don't get too wimpy of a compressor. The 1/3 horsepower over the 1/5, especially if you can adjust the pressure-crucial. Make sure it has a pressure chamber to hold air in reserve, keeps your flow even. Two hoses is great, especially if you can adjust the pressure of each one independently.

Hi Jeff, what airbrush brand would you recommend?

Also, what type would you recommend, siphon (bottom) or gravity feed?




Hi Glenn, which one did you buy? How do you like it?




Hi chocochoco, 

I didn't purchase mine yet. I am still going to go with the Badger 350 airbrush but still debating on the compressor. 

Trying to see if anyone else has advice on what's the best air compressor to use for the Badger 350.




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