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hello, I am a new member and my name is Joey. I have designed and made a chocolate mould all by myself LOL. It is a simple design really, basically square but pretty. My problem is how to package and present this piece of chocolate in the best way that I can. So far, all I can think of is to put it in a square, transparent box. I don't want the chocolate to just sit in the box... it will need something around the chocolate. I have tried tissue paper and that looks awful ! The chocolate would stick to the tissue wouldn't it ? I would so appreciate any ideas that all of you can give me.
Thank you in advance, hugs, Joey

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Hey, Joey! Glad to see you on the board!
When it comes to packaging, it is very much a personal taste thing, I think. You have to know who you are wanting to have buy your chocolates and what they would like the item packaged as. You could ask some people for their opinions, people in your target group, what they like. Also, find out what your target group buys, what other brands and see what their packaging is like.
When will you post the pics of the new mold that you made? I think I should post more pics of mine. Hey, maybe we could start a different thread for moldmaking and chocolates. That would be of interest to lots of the readers, Joey!!!
Talk to you soon!!!
Hi Annette, I knew you would have an answer for me LOL. I want to get it all ready, packaging and everything before I put up a photo. I have been working on this one for months ! The mould is perfect, the chocolate come out from the mould perfect too ! It is only the packaging that is bugging me. Got to get it right ! I want a simple, classy packaging. I want gold in there somewhere...Trying to get it done for Christmas but i don't think that will happen. i found a great box making company. Their prices are so good and they make to order..If there is anyone here in Australia and wants the name... please ask me.
yes, a mould making topic. I am sure many would be interested in this. I know myself that there is so much more to learn about mould making.
Hugs Annette...Joey
Joey, unless someone sees the item that you want to package, they can't rightly answer. What is the mold of? Could that hold a key to the way to package it? What is the occasion that the chocolate will be given for? Who to? All these have a bearing on an item.

What are you "saying" with your chocolate? What kind of font do you want to use? What shape box? What color? How is it to be distributed?

You can see on my blog the fun that I had with developing "Nawtees Chocolates" and the ideas that went behind the label design. You can also see what led up to the "Fournier" laber, too. You have to tell us what you are trying to do with this chocolate...who is it you are offering it to...what they want...what they will buy.

With "Nawtees Chocolates" I want to create the idea that one is having a very intense chocolate that is so good, it's got to be bad!!! Bad meaning good...anyway,...the double entendres with the name is so cute" A Nawtee Moment is a Good Moment!", I want sexy packaging...I looked around to what I thought would be sexy and asked friends of their opinions.

You might remember me asking on the other list, how can I make someone pick up my chocolate and not want to put it down? How can I set my chocolate apart from others, so that it does not look like I am a hobbyist, or weekend crafter? I want a totally professional look to the chocolate, too. That is when I decided to start sculpting masters and create my own unique molds. They are so beautiful and charming, and they convey the "thought" that I want to...the shapes even present a reason for someone to give them as a gift...I think I am onto a winning thing here...a product that is irrestible and makes them want to pick it up and eat it...a product that gives them a complete chocolate experience...wrapped/boxed in packaging that they would even want to collect.

I love packaging. It's so much fun to figure out how to position yourself against all the others on the shelf and stand out...and make sales!

Let's just continue this here, the moldmaking and such. I do want to let you know that I am making a mold that is going to be a biscuit/biscotti/snap with chocolate in it. Wait till I post the pics. In a week!!!
Hi Annette. I want an old fashioned font... and lots of gold. I want the packaging to be very rich.
The box I am thinking of ordering is a clear box. i really wanted a box with a clear window but that turned out too expensive. The chocolate itself is square . I thought i could wrap the chocolate in gold foil to keep it fresh ? Though if i do that, no one can see the chocolate ! I suppose i could put a picture of it on top of the box ? This is driving me crazy insane! I will have to make another chocolate to show you because i ate the other one ! hahahahaa. It would certainly be for a gift. I will have different themes so that the gift can be for any reason.
How about dropping the box idea and going for a clear bag instead. You could put your label on one side and tie it closed with a nice ribbon. Then you don't have to worry about cushioning the chocolate in a box or having it bounce all around.
hello Valerie, Thank you for helping. I appreciate it. Cushioning the chocolate is certainly a problem. I have thought of tissue paper.. ugh !, shredded cello even... But it didn't look nice. I know the "big boys' use specially moulded plastic to sit the chockie in, but of course, i can't afford anything like that. A bag.?.. hmmmmmm Might work. I know this is a problem but i am enjoying it all LOL. The more i am thinking now about a bag, the more i like it ! Should i still wrap the chockie in foil to protect it ? Hugs, joey
I am going to be making my own chocolate tray inserts. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but, not much. And I am not totally sure of the outlay. I have different shaped chocolates that I am producing. I, too, want what you want. So, since I can't find a tray or cushion that is a stock item, I am going to make my own. You vacu form it yourself. I do it myself, cause my run is so small, I would never burden someone else, a company, to do it for me. It would be too costly for me, and not worth their time. Making a vacu form machine is a snap, really. I am currently looking for a supplier of the plastic to make the inserts out of. There is a company in Michigan that has the plastic, and a friend advised me of them. You make your own shapes to put on a board, and vacu form over that. Take the plastic off and put it in your box. Viola! You got it! My pictures won't be up on my blog in time to help with this, and you might think of this for the future, not now. If your chocolate can fit into a stock tray, get a chocolate one, as it plays up the richness of the item. The person opens that box and it just says "Enjoy!!!!". What do you think?
How on earth do you make inserts ? You amaze me Annette ! joey

It's very difficult to talk about this in the abstract. Posting a photo of the item in question, as well as pointing us to other visuals you're using would really help some of us who are struggling to visualize and grasp what you're trying to so.

I studied at one of the best design schools in the country and the statements from you. "I want simple and classy..." and "I want an old fashioned font... and lots of gold" don't really help me understand what you're trying to achieve. Annette is right in the sense that you have to know who you are selling to, but there's another point there is that sometimes you get so close to the mechanics of the thing that it's difficult to step back an get a fresh perspective. I totally understand that that is what you're asking for here, but you're keeping from us important information:

1) What's the retail price of the product?
2) Who is the buyer?
3) For themselves? A gift? Impulse item?
4) If you don't want to share a picture, can you describe the mold motif?
5) Where is the product found (what other kinds of products surround it)?
6) How are other products you make packaged?

When I work with some of my consulting clients these are all questions that have to get answered before we focus on transparent plastic versus box versus tissue versus crinkle, etc.

:: Clay

Make sense?
:: Clay
Another thing to think about, Joey, is what you are saying about the chocolate with the packaging. Do you remember the market studies that I posted? They took the leading brands of a particular category, say coffee, and they researched the packaging, the colors, texture and size of fonts, where they were placed on the shelf and who bought them? There are lots of questions to ask yourself that you can glean from that article. One that I was greatly challenged with was the placement of my product against another. Mine had to be different, unique, speak to the consumer that I was targeting, and do it thru the packaging. If you want, post a picture of what you are doing, and we can do a collaborative consult for you, free here, and everyone can learn. I have found that a lot of "food" people can be awesome cooks and bakers, but, we all need help when it comes to understanding positioning of our products and packaging.
hello Clay, thank you for helping. I do want to show you a photo but i will have to make up a chocolate because i ate the other one ! LOL. never leave a piece of chocolate anywhere near me.. it's fatal for the poor little thing ! So, for now, it is a square shape with a raised design of 2 cupids holding hands. The chocolate is black chocolate and the cupids will be painted gold. Being cupids, they will be lovely for Christmas, valentines, boyfriend/girlfriend gift. it is 5" x 5" and 1" thick. I was thinking around $ 4.00 - $ 5.00 depending on the packaging. I will have more designs later.
The other products I make are mostly fudge and caramels... you can see them here on my site.. my caramels are moulded in pretty shapes and i sell the flower ones in a little bag... 3 in a bag... with a tag and a ribbon bow. The fairies - 1 per bag. The fudge is cut into bars and wrapped and labeled. Hugs, joey


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