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I want to start using Fair Trade and organic chocolate that is grown specifically in Africa.  I have seen on Fair Trade USA's website, the cocoa grower co-ops, however, I'm looking for couverture.  Can anyone suggest a company that is producing couverture from these certified growers? 

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You should just email Fairtrade USA as they will have a data post of all certified people.

Thanks Rochelle.  I called Fairtrade USA and they just referred me back to their web site.  They were afraid they would be showing preferences.  I'll try sending an email too, maybe I'll reach a different contact.

I had a look at the USA website maybe this might help

Here is the licensee database for New Zealand and Australia

Remember that Fairtrade US and Rest of World split last year - one may not be as likely to be well with the other any longer..


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