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I also need to begin with a Rev or ACME or similar that holds at least 3-6lbs or maybe smaller.

Does someone have one for sale?

Thank You

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Has anyone tried the


need to know if they are  prefected.  Have not heard of them being used on The Chocolate Life by anyone.


Thank You


There aren't many 3-6 pound tempering machines in the market. The Chocovision Rev 1 or 2 will hold maybe 2-3 pounds with a "holey" baffle, and the ACMC machines are about the same size. Next step up in capacity (and price) is 10 pounds.

As for Tricor. These are temper meters. They are expensive devices used in large production situations where knowing precisely what the temper of the chocolate is. These devices cost many, many times what a Chocovision or ACMC temperer will cost. As someone who is starting out, you are better off learning how to temper by hand so that you can know what properly tempered chocolate is. If you were a very large plant using holding tanks containing thousands of pounds of chocolate then one of these Tricor meters would be a good thing to have.



I have a new one (rev 1) for sale for $350 if you are still interested. Let me know.


Thank you, Yasmine  I found one and it works great. 

Thank You for your response.  Have a Great Day!


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