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Hello Everyone

I'm a little new to the chocolate world!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been doing it has a hobby for some years and now want to expand. I was looking into purchasing a air brush machine and depositor (table top) and wanted some suggestions. I'm farily a one person show so I need help on moving parts along.

Thanks K Chocolate Dzines

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I've never heard feedback from anyone who has a depositor. I, too, would love to hear how people like them.
The company I work for sells a meterable table top depositor for soft centers. Here's the link
Or contact me at Tomric if you have any questions.


What's the approximate price on one of these?

:: Clay

The last quote I saw was $6995.

That's better than the $8000 I was quoted at Tomric sometime in December, but it's still tough for a small chocolatier to justify the expense.

The Dollar got stronger!

I agree that it is a bunch of money but it's about speed. Once you know the mould designs you are able to set the amount and go (and not think). And if you can write prep lists in such a way that does not require an complete clean between flavors then your depositing can be done VERY quickly! I have one in my test kitchen, sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't but if I was in production every day, I would use it.

Can't help on the depositor part as I still use squeeze bottles for filling centers. I can't wrap my head around paying $8k+ for that thing.

For the airbrush, I bought a standard "home" type air compressor and air dryer attachment (under $250 for both), and purchased a bunch of $15 Badger 250 airbrushes (Tower Hobbies). The only additional purchase is the reduction adapter to connect the compressor's quick-release mechanism to the Badger's air hose. Easily found on ebay.
I have the compressor set for 25 psi, which is ideal for the Badger, and have had very nice results. As a poor man's paint booth, I rigged a shipping carton with a suction fan and some air filtration material and it works a treat. Beats hand-painting molds!

Do you have any pictures of your setup to share?

:: Clay
Here we go. Please don't fall off your chair laughing.

This is nothing to laugh about. I simply love the ingenuity people display in making stuff. You can spend hundreds of dollars on spray cabinets that you can make with spare parts and duct tape.

Where would we do without duct tape?
I'm with Clay on this one . . . . no laughing here. I love the $50 solution to the $1000 problem!

That is a sweet setup! Your ingenuity is awesome. Just as good as stainless steel any day. We had a similar setup at a restaurant I used to work at for spraying plates with chocolate for decoration.


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