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Hello Everyone

I'm a little new to the chocolate world!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been doing it has a hobby for some years and now want to expand. I was looking into purchasing a air brush machine and depositor (table top) and wanted some suggestions. I'm farily a one person show so I need help on moving parts along.

Thanks K Chocolate Dzines

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I'm back looking at your makeshift spray cabinet cheebs. I've moved since this post started and I can no longer use my kitchen hood vent and must come up with a stand alone unit. Your is brilliant!

I'm looking at the suction fan attachment. Can you explain it in more detail? Obviously the air isn't directed outside. Does it just get filtered? How did you build it?! Is the filtration adequate for the cocoa butter?

Hi Lana,

I have since moved up in the world LOL! My "booth" is now made of plastic storage containers and has a powerful 115v fan instead of the dinky 12v one. As filtration material I'm using 4 3M scrubbies, stacked and held down with -- what else? -- duct tape.

Thank you sooooooo much for your newest photos and for your explanations. Very helpful! Here's my question: How do you keep it so clean?! I'm assuming you've rigged it so that the fan is removeable and then you can wash the bin? Great idea. Hopefully I'll have one of these made up before too long.
I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it. Fabulous!
This definitely doesn't fall under the "Funny" classification, but rather under "Brilliant!" High marks for ingenuity!
Brian, can you provide a picture of the depositor in action by any chance? I have never seen one in use and can't really wrap my mind around it... Even some explanation would be good. Thanks!
Trying to find something the marketing team did for this request in the past, thanks for your patience.

Can I email you a PDF?


Please upload the PDF as a reply to that everyone who is interested can view it.

:: Clay
Thanks everyone for the feed back .............and yes I will just be purchasing an air brush set. The depositor is a little out of my each right now. Especially since I'm not sure how much it's really going to help.
Love the photos! Thanks for sharing. I'm also checking into getting a airbrusher. I've been advised to used a plastic bag as my background then I could scrape off the excess and remelt it. Seems like a good idea!
What are you spraying and at what temperature? Does the mix set as it hits the cooler moulds or might it run?
I'm spraying tempered colored cocoa butter, at working temp (31-33 dec C). If sprayed correctly it sets almost immediately. If sprayed too heavily, just like car paint, it runs.


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