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Hello Everyone

I'm a little new to the chocolate world!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been doing it has a hobby for some years and now want to expand. I was looking into purchasing a air brush machine and depositor (table top) and wanted some suggestions. I'm farily a one person show so I need help on moving parts along.

Thanks K Chocolate Dzines

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Can any advise on a good color coco butter brand to use for airbrushing ? I've been directed too Chocoley always welcome second opinions
I use almost exclusively the stuff from Tomric and Chef Rubber. I suspect they are one and the same.
hello Karen, sorry for my bad english
I can send U to these people who have a representation in United States.
the price should be around 5800 Europe around 4300 euros...
Hope it help U

see U
I'm back to thinking about the Table Top Depositor. I hoping for some advice!
I have been making a lot of mini chocolate bars. It is going fine by hand but I am looking toward the future and foresee more demand.

Right now I am working at a small scale with 2 Mol d'Art melters. My future plan is to purchase a Selmi. I would be able to wait and purchase the depositor attachment for the Selmi BUT the bars I am making are all flavoured - eg. Aztec, Chai, ground coffee... so I could not use the Selmi to make these bars - right?

I was thinking of purchasing the Table Top Depositor if this would be a long term solution to an increased demand of mini bars. Or would there be a better solution to a Table Top Depositor for this product? I'm also wondering if there is a reasonable priced automatic solution? I guess I should clarify that I am an artisan producer and 'increased demand' for me isn't industrial quantities! I forsee 50,000 - 100,000 mini bars per year. I also add inclusions to the bottom side of most of the bars (Italian style) so don't require lightening speed molding.

Hi All,
While this Discussion is old; I will talk briefly about a Depositor I use.

It is manufactured by Hake Plastic Molds; in Alden NY 14004

The cost is US$2300

It works with Electricity and Compressed Air; and will meter in a range of 1/4 ounce to 6 ounces.

It can be adapted to most machine; like JKV, HIlliards, Chocovision....

Feel free to e-mail me; if you would like more information:

Warm Regards,
Shawn Alter - Chocolatier
The Chocolate Butterfly
Senior Marketing Director
Hake Plastic Molds
Alden NY 14004

I love the innovation of your home made spraying cabinet product- is great. We took the idea and worked it up into a product with the kind help of the Barry Callebaut chocolate academy. 

The result- We`ve just launched a easy to assemble sprayBOX- the idea being to capture over spray without a fan, and still give you enough room and light to work in.  It saves a lot of cleaning :-)


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