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Hi all,
I'm trying to buy airbrush to spray cocoa butter into molds.
When I looked on line I found the airbrush come with different noodles nozzle from 2mm 5mm........
Which air brush should I buy.
Any advice.
Thank you

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Generally, the larger the nozzle number, the wider the pattern.  But nozzle hole size can also be matched the the viscosity (thickness) of your materials being sprayed. Thicker viscosity will need larger nozzles.

In general, if you are working with 50% cocoa butter 50% chocolate mix at 29C-34C using a standard compressor on half power, then a medium nozzle should give you a nice mix of fine and wide.

Happy spraying. 

If I needed a food gun to just spray coloured cocoa butter (without chocolate) on molds, would the oilSPRAY (LM2) work for this purpose?




Hi Omar,

If a thinner viscosity then the KREBS oilSPRAY will be better than the multiSPRAY as you will get minimal over spray.  You might want to try the R8 nozzle also.  Off course, there is no heating on the oilSPRAY gun.



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