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Does anyone have experience using alcohol concentrates like the ones at Chef Rubber?

My ganache recipe contains alcohol which is great except I can't sell it if it has over .005% alcohol. I'm wondering if I could use less alcohol with these and get the same flavor.  

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Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell what the alcohol content of these are from the descriptions on the Chef Rubber site. You'll either need to go to the manufacturer's site or call Chef Rubber customer support. I had a tough sourcing problem that they were able to help me with.

Gold standard for flavors, though, is Amoretti. They are expensive but everyone I know says they are worth the difference when flavor is important. If you look at the details tab for their products it will let you know if there is alcohol.

They have generic extracts (e.g., rum) and often taste-alikes for premium brands (e.g., Amaretto, Kahlua) and often have both water and oil soluble versions of the same flavor.

Amoretti also makes edible perfume sprays - you can add aromas to the outside of pieces just before serving them. It sounds weird but it's way cool.

Thanks for the 411 on Amoretti.  It never came up an the dozens of Google searches I did.

And the perfume spray sounds amazing!  It may be just what I'm looking for.

Those are actually really high in alcohol - minimum 70% (you can see the numbers if you click on the individual products).  I have a couple of bottles and haven't found them useful in chocolate making.  They are more for pastry.  

You'll be better off with flavouring compounds - Sosa makes some nice ones.  Mec3 makes the nicest strawberry compound that I've ever had.  

I found incredibly great concentrated organic alcohol free extracts and wrote about them here:

they are from


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