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Hey folks, greetings from London!


I'm a cocktail bartender in London and I'm looking to serve some chocolates or candies alongside 4 or 5 of my cocktails. The idea is, that the candies will have very similar flavours to the cocktail, but they'll be in solid form. The idea is for them to also have an alcohol content, even if its only a weak alcohol content. I have one idea already, to create an alcoholic jelly and fill a dark chocolate truffle cup with it. But I need more ideas, anything from fudge to caramel to hard boiled sweets to chocolates, anything that will fit the specifications, i.e. an alcohol content! Hope you guys are able to help with some creative ideas... 

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I don't think you have to have alcohol in chocolate to pair with a drink. ONe of my most requested cocktail party truffles is a raspberry basil dusted with parmesan cheese. Blue or goat cheesetruffles are also great with wine or a martini.
u can do a pina colada filling. white chocolate ganache, pineapple roasted coconuts and some coconut milk or flavoring
I make both pates de fruit in mixed drink flavours and also fillings for chocolates the same way.  One of my favourite fillings is the Smoke 'n Choke that I based on a drink I had at Manifesto in Kansas City.


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