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Hey Chocophiles,

Ive been doing more and more, playing at home with small batches of beans. <3#.  I still dont have a way to make a proper liquor. Doing it in the melanguer, is....far from good and requires babysitting for ~45 minutes....

I was wondering at how well a Wondermill JR or a peanut butter machine would work?  The Wondermill JR has a small youtube clip saying it does mash it up, but I was wondering how well that paste processes in a melangeur.

Cheers all!

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Yep, Mexican corn mill = Nixtamal

The machine shown in the video Olive and Sinclair video is fairly large and couldn't be considered a replacement for a Champion juicer. What you're probably looking for is a tabletop appliance like the Nixtamatic. Here's a video of one in action. Still hands-on, but not so much as the Champion.

Cheebs, is the Nixtamal grinder that you are referring to have metal disc or is it using stone wheels for grinding?



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