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Amedei seems to have limited their US distribution in the last few months.  To my knowledge, they no longer have an east-coast distributor and on-line supplies of products seem to be drying up.  I don't know if the latter this is just the usual post-holiday low inventory or something bigger is going on.  Any insight?

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Don't have any answers. Have you tried chocosphere? I know they sell it but I don't know their current supply situation. Jerry probably has some info though and you could email him via the site.
Thanks Sarah. I had looked at Chocosphere and saw that many of the Amedei products were out of stock and thats what got me thinking that it was a nation-wide issue, not just east coast. But again, it might be just seasonal. Just trying to understand if Amedei is going in a new direction or if it's temporary.
Amedei no longer has distribution through its former US distributor. Until they figure out a new distribution model, you will likely see their products less and less.

I have heard that some stores are importing directly, and Chocosphere might do that as well. I'd email Jerry and ask.
Hi there-

I was just on the phone with Jerry from chocosphere about some other biz, but asked him about Amedei. He does a direct order and has a reorder in and will have a fuller stock soon. I believe he can also sell them wholesale if you are a liscensed reseller.
Hey Walter,

Sorry I came across this post so late, but we import Amedei direct. Are you looking to purchase retail or wholesale?

Matt Caputo
Hi Matt,

Thanks. I will send you a direct message.

Walter Plante
The New Way to Get Chocolate
Hello Walter,
About selling Amedei, its great to have these chocolate bars in my shop since thise is the chocolat of the month! The people love it, also the fruit line is amazing good.
Greetings from Belgium

Geert, Looks great! We finally got stock in our online shop a few months back and will add more ... once the weather cools off a bit here. We love the #9!

Walter Plante
The New Way to Get Chocolate


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