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Another Great Book, Ordered mine just a minute ago....

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It looks great!! I just pre ordered Wybauw's new book so this will have to wait a bit. They have a preview on google books...
Thanks for sharing!
Hi Ilana, Which book did Wybauw write?
It is something like-Chocolates 3-How they last longer and taste stronger. I put a link on my site under "recommended books". Due a delay in its publication, the link was changed and likewise on amazon itself. I suggest checking in now and then because it should be sent by December-at least that is what they told me! It is a good price which I am sure will go up fast after pre orders.
I preordered - say's it's shipping on Oct 18th. I'll let you know if it arrives!
I ordered mine last week. I thought it wasn't shipping until December. Sure hope you are correct:-)
Remember I'm in a different country!
Hi Kerry, Whats it called?
Fine Chocolates 3: How they last longer and taste stronger.
It looks like its on back order universally, I cant even get a copy here in South Africa. This chocolate thing is eating all my money, instead of the other way round :-(
Kerry, didn't you receive an email that the order was delayed?! Humph!
Anthony-I know what you mean! Where are you in S.A. ?
I didn't, and when I sign on to it still says the estimated delivery date of Oct 21. But when you look for the book it says not yet available. I guess I'll know next week some time!


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