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Any bulk organic, fair trade or Rainforest Alliance certified quality couverture chocolate available?

I have problems buying enough chocolate, working primarily with a small Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate company. This has been a problem off and on for the last 7 years. I am considering Columbian Santander, made by a company that has a statements on their website about paying farmers fair wages and work with sustainable practices. Does anyone have advice for me? Thank you Mimi 

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Rapunzel has bulk organic couverture, but I don't think much of the taste given the rapadura sugar that's used to make it, giving it a strong molasses taste.
thanks Nat. I will not even contact them with your description. Mimi
Check out Grenada Chocolate, from the island of Grenada. They are certified orgainc and go beyond the fair-trade standards. Contact Mott, he is the owner.
Called and talked to Grenada Chocolate. They do not sell bulk chocolatier but only bars and cocoa. Thanks anyway Mark!
Hi Mimi, what sort of chocolate are you looking for? I work with cacao farmers and chocolate makers in Ecuador, and can put you in touch if your requirements fit their products
I know this is a late repost, but there is a compagny called Belcolade who made great belgian chocolate, and they're part of the rain forest alliance.  There's Cacao Barry too, that have come up this year with a new line of 3 fair-trade /organic chocolates, black milk and white. It should be easy to find since Barry distribute Callebaut.


Sweet Earth Chocolates is a good source for Fair Trade/Organic certified bulk couverture chips (65%, 54%, 34% milk, and white). Other companies that I know of (Ciranda, Puratos) have minimum orders that are several thousand dollars.

Sweet Earth's contact info:
Sweet Earth Chocolates

1491 Monterey St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401Phone    (805) 544-7759
Fax    (805) 544-7756
Wholesale orders:
Chips come in 25 lb increments (full bag), but can be ordered by the pound (for more).
5% off 50 lb orders
10% off 100 lb orders

Hope that this helps,

Dale Anderson

Confections With Convictions

116 W. Crosstown Pkwy., Ste. 101

Kalamazoo, MI 49001


I am working with a group of local farmers close to  Mindo.  We practice what we call direct trade.  I pay these farmers 3 times what they are getting from middle men.  We can produce quite a bit of couverture and we can make it to your specifications.  If you are interested we can talk more about it.

HI Joe, 

My posting is quite old and since then I have expanded to use chocolate from other south american countries. I am all set right no- but thanks. Unfortunately Norm and I will not be coming to Ecuador this spring- tickets became too expensive because we acted late on shopping. I might be coming down in November.  I hope that you and Barbara are well! I advertise Mindo Chocolate when I can!

Warm regards, Mimi

Mimi- I've been buying the Akoma brand from Guittard because they're fair-trade and will let me buy in 50# bags if I talk to someone personally. I'm curious about the ones you've found. Would you tell me about them?


I use a combo ofVintage Chocolate, NYC, Santander and El Rey. My profile is all South Amerrica and about 70 percent cocoa. best to you! mimi

I recommend TCHO. They are a great company doing very innovative things from their factory right here in San Francisco. I have been eating and baking with their chocolate for years now and it never disappoints. It's got an overall more fruity taste but their flavors vary.

some products are organic, some fair trade certified and others go beyond since they work with farmers directly. 



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