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I noticed a while back that I stopped receiving my Chocolatier magazines, but have only just gotten round to enquiring why. I was told that "the lifetime subscriptions have ceased" and it appears that has something to do with the name change. Seems to me that it should not be possible to sell something on a lifetime basis and then get out of delivering it by changing the name.

Is anybody else here in this situation? Would welcome any insights.


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I have a lifetime subscription, but I didn't receive any notice that they have ceased. I think I received a recent magazine, I will check the date when I am at home sometime (give me a few days, Christmas is bearing down on me) but if I remember, it was pretty recent. I will look at it to see if the name had also changed, don't think it had, but I will pay more attention now. I save them all, it is just a matter of finding it, whether it has made it to where I store them or still in the living room to look at. Thanks for posting and bringing it to my attention.
Pastry Art & Design and Chocolatier Magazine and frozen desserts have all merged, it seems. It's a nice magazine; I like it.

However, if you have a lifetime subscription I'd think that the classy thing to do would be to honor that purchase and allow you to continue to receive the new publication.

I tried to order a subscription to Chocolatier magazine a couple of times but their customer service was so poor, I never ended up getting it. And I've heard folks complain about not receiving their copies of PA&D.
And of course, I neglected to mention the name of the new magazine: Dessert Professional and you can find them at
I had so many problems with them. Ipaid through paypal and yet never recieved the magazine. After numerous long distant calls and messages left, I finally found out that they never got the payment, even though I sent them the proof of payment from paypal. To make a long storyshort, I was eventually promised a free subscription (!!) even though I paid. Then all of a sudden I started receiveing two magazines 8 months later. I notified them that I am now getting a double. So now I get single of the new merged magazine.
I am not a subscriber personally, but that sounds like a pretty shabby way to treat customers to me. And a great way to poison your reputation for the future.
Sounds like the concept of a "lifetime" subscription is the main problem then. Talk about letter of the law, not spirit of the law.
I was a lifetime subscriber and I did notice that I didn't receive any issues but then I got busy and forgot until I saw this post. In it's lifetime Chocolatier was a wonderful resource and enjoyable to receive and read but I felt that the quality of the articles and even topics were declining in recent issues. Still it is sad to see it end. I suppose I got my "money's worth" but as with my favorite dark chocolate, the end is bittersweet.
I, too, must echo Debbie's comments as she just reminded me I haven't seen any new Chocolatier's in a while. Perhaps as a group we can encourage the new publication to extend a subscription to their magazine.


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