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Hello I am having issues with what I believe is sugar bloom. It usually appears within days after making the chocolate, but sometimes shows up after night. The bloom is only occurring where the chocolate makes contact with the mold. 

I am using silicone molds and I have to brush the molds lightly with oil to get some shine, otherwise the mold absorbs the cacao butter from the surface of the chocolate. I have been using grape seed oil.

I immediately put the molds in the refrigerator after pouring the chocolates and leave it in for about an hour. Then after pulling the chocolates out of the molds I store them at room temperature. I live in Tucson Arizona so have relatively low humidity.

This has been a consistent problem that has kept me from launching my business and introducing my chocolates into local stores. I really hope to get this figured out before the holidays! I am considering airbrushing the chocolates to keep them looking good but would rather not have to take this route.

Any suggestions are very appreciated ~ THANK YOU


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Thank you Aldona! I will email them to see if they are using the same materials that I use, hopefully they will have some suggestions!

I also have a Chocovision tempering machine & with Clay's suggestion, I stir the chocolate even more before I begin to pour the chocolate.  Had the same problem.   The machine was not mixing the batch well enough. , room humidity should be at approx. 50% or less, & temp 72 degrees or less. (actually try to get the room temp at approx. 68).   In the more than 10 - 15 (max).... then allow to complete the set up outside the refrigerator.  If the room humidity level is higher than 50 %... then this could be part of your problem, & also letting the chocolate stay in the refrigerator too long.  I use Peter's Chocolates.   AC will help remove humidity from the air.


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