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anyone producing easter chocolates in a nut-free environment?

I often receive a variety of questions from both our members and non-members. One consumer contacted me recently asking for companies who are producing premium Easter chocolate (solid and confections) that are not only nut-free--but produced in a nut-free environment.  While I've sent an inquiry out to our members, many are heads-down working on their easter production. So, in the spirit of providing good and timely information,  I thought I'd ask this community as well.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Mary Jo Stojak
executive director
Fine Chocolate Industry Association

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Mary Jo -

Are you looking for personal consumption because you (or someone you plan to gift to) is allergic? Or is there some official FCIA reason for the request? Your classifying this as news and including your FCIA affiliation makes me ask. If this were for personal consumption I would put this in the category "Where Do I Buy?"


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