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Chocolate Life member Walter Plante posted a link to a blog (kokobuzz) about Free Range Chocolate from/by New Leaf.

Free Range chocolate? Hmmmmm. April 1st? Double hmmmm. I went to the site to take a look for myself. There I read:

In order to be certified as Free Range, growers are not allowed to cut cacao pods from the trees since cutting can result in scaring and discomfort for the trees.  Instead the pods must fall naturally and only when they are ready.  According to Chuck (no last name), a 27th generation cacao farmer from Madagascar: “It takes tremendous patience to wait for the pods to drop from the trees so that we can collect them. Sometimes there is a little bit of bruising on the outside of the pods, but it doesn’t affect the cacao beans inside… that much… really.”

I won't reveal a spoiler ... but I do recommend linking over to the site and reading the post, it's a lot of fun (hint: take a look at the acronyms for the "free range" certification agencies).

It brought a welcome smile to my face.

Thanks, Walter, for bringing this to my attention. 

Does anyone else have any favorite April Fool's Day Chocolate Treats to share?

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Hi Clay,

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while too! I would send you a test sample of the chocolate to try for yourself, but it expired on April 1.


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