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I recently made a "chocolate dipped strawberry jam"  just as you would any other jam with the addition of some 72% dark chocolate and lots of lemon juice to increase acidity.  It worked really nicely and it is very good, but I want to make sure that it is shelf stabile.  I don't want to sell it unless I know it is safe.  I know that chocolate sauces do not have a good shelf life and so I hope that that this jam will not have these same issues.  Does anyone know how to find this information out?  Thanks for any suggestions!  ~Wendy

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Check with a food science professor at a university. I would be concerned with the method used (water bath/pressure) to can/preserve this item and the amount of fat added. The acidity will assist with the pH level, but it may not offset the fat content of the chocolate added in to the recipe. University of California, Davis and Penn State have 2 very good food science departments (as well as many other universities in the US).

As an ex-Master Food Preserver I would love to know what kind of feedback you recieve. Good Luck.

Thank you SO much Danielle! I will do this and let you know what they tell me. I really hope that this is a product that I can start making because it is so wonderful! I still have a lot to learn about canning though! Thanks again! ~Wendy


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