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My name is Chris Werner and I am the Assistant Marketing Director of Andean Chocolate Company. If anyone is interested in Arriba Cacao please contact me. Able to provide organic Arriba Cacao from various regions of Ecuador.

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Hi Chris,

Are these bars available anywhere in the US? The marketing copy on your website, indicates your chocolate should be delightful. I'd love to sink my teeth into one. Where can I get one?



Hi Larry,

The bars can be found in a few locations in Wisconsin. Im working on gaining accounts elsewhere. We offer private label and have a few clients. The bars are certainly delightful :) I can send you one if you would like, message me with your info. A marketing technique I am using is sending a free bar, and Im not sure if the people receiving the sample even appreciate it. I have found that over the phone a surprising amount of people are initially not interested in dark chocolate. These dark chocolate bars at 72% made with Arriba Cacao do not taste like the conventional dark chocolate. I would love to hear what another chocolate enthusiast has to say about it.

Free bar for the next 10 people who comment! :)

Good question Larry, thanks.


No problem, would love to trade bars. 

Hi Thomas,

 A trade would nice, Ill message you

I would love that. I'll chip n for the bar, ice pack, and send a label to UPS it.
I'm not a supertaster, but I'll be delighted to try one. :).
Clay, Sebastian, and about 10,000 other chocophiles are better qualified than I, but I've been reveling in some Amano bars and can finally pick up on the fruitiness in their Ocumare bar.
I'm currently a chocolate melter. :) once I get more equipment ill toy more with learning about chocolate making.
I'll IM you to set things up. Thank you!

Hi Larry,

If you insist on chipping in for it I won't hold you back. If you have some friends on this site that you think would appreciate a bar let them know a free bar is headed their way for commenting :)



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