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Does anyone know any "easy" way of getting the right temperature curve for an artisan chocolate? I've been trying to temper it by trial and error, but I was wondering if there is like a shortcut or something :(

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You're surely invited to our chocolate Shop :) if you ever get here, you can e-mail me to, it's a joy to get visitors who also are chocolatiers :)

I was also wondering if you have any technical info in tempering and crystals. I'm gathering info for myself in one doc to have everything altogether for future troubleshooting, plus I love chemistry and chocolate is all chemistry :) But I haven't found much technical info on chocolate crystallization.

Loads of it out there - i'd start with a book called 'industrial chocolate manufacture' edited by stephen beckett.  if you're a member of PMCA you can also browse the past 30 years or so of the technical proceedings.

Wow!! that books looks AMAZING, I must have it! Glad there's a Kindle version :)!! Thank you!!!

Great answer :) thank you. From time to time I get tired of my own mistakes and, on purpose, make different mistakes. I want to learn from another person's mistakes as well. Here in Costa Rica, it's very hard since there are little professional chocolatiers around :( but we're making our way through. Reading answers like yours motivates me :)

Insightful answer - thanks


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