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Been shopping for molds.

I've noticed molds in "AS" in addition to the standard polycarbonate (PC). Anyone have molds made of AS plastic? If I'm making the connection right,  according to Wikipedia, AS is a B short of ABS, which last I checked wasn't food grade or even non-toxic. (That said I did chew no a fair amount of lego as a kid and I'm just fine today lol)

It's interesting because the place I'm seeing the molds sells two versions of just about every shape, cheaper in AS, pricier in PC (22 vs 35, not dollars but you get the idea).



Edit: I now see this, so maybe even the polycarb molds have BPA, a famous good-times toxin. EWG also says avoid polycarbonate.

Edit 2: I see now that ABS is only "made" of toxic stuff, and is very stable as a finished product. Acrylonitrile styrene (AS) or styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) is seemingly an equally safe relative. Maybe its time to start looking at these puppies :P

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Using ABS is not something I have seen used for chocolate molds. FDA Styrene like HIPS does have a place in the chocolate industry for plaques and packaging but in my opinion does not have the strength to have a useful life in chocolate molding. It's hard to put a Life on it but I know manufacturers using Polycarbonate molds for over 25 years and they still are functioning. I know others who use cheaper PET or rarely Styrene and they crack/replace molds every year.

Regarding the BPA topic.  Recent news regarding BPA content in polycarbonate has resulted in some people asking for clarification on the topic. We have been watching and researching the topic for some time. At this time, research shows polycarbonate to be safe for use in chocolate molds, and most news regarding BPA is related to baby bottles. Of course everyone has to make their own decision but attached are a few articles that may help clarify the topic for you.


Thanks for your input! I went ahead and ordered three AS plastic molds. We'll see how they perform.

Call me crazybut I would never use the same mold for 25 years. Plastic, as I understand, all leaches chemicals to one degree or another, a process I'm led to believe increases with age.

It may be urban myth, but I've also heard that in the aftermath of the BPA scandal, if you can call it that, manufacturers rushed to remove BPA from their processes and swapped in other chemicals in this BP series.

Anyway, for fun I've gone ahead and ordered one mold made of wood to see if that's a possibility. Yes, wood!


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