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I encountered with something very weird during conching (Is it?). I roast this set of beans, and it smells so nice, during the first 3 hours I was able to pull off all of the acids, and I added in refined sugar, at that time I really love the taste, but everything is coarse, so I let it conch over night, the next morning the chocolate was smooth but with astringent taste and smell. Where does it came from? But during my first 3 hours of conching there was no sign of acid or astringent taste or smell at all. How can I fix this problem?

Thank you for all of your replies :)

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One of the most difficult things to do when discussing flavors is develop a shared lexicon - ie, when you say something, have your readers understand what you mean.  Astringency is the drying feeling you get on your tongue, not really a flavor.  As it's a sensation more than a taste, you can't really have an astringent smell i'm afraid.  Astringency is very, very different than acid.


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