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Companies that specialise in Australian made single origin chocolate:

Cicada Chocolate
Bahen and Co Chocolate Maker
Daintree Estates

Check them out and add new ones if I have missed some, i know Niu does some but have never been able to get it and it is not their specialty. I also no Monsieur Truffe has a factory but havent seen any chocolate. I have heard Koko Black is looking at getting into actual bean to bar also. Of course their is Haighs but they dont do single origin yet.

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shame on them :)

though it all helps to raise the profile of origin chocolate

Hmmmm, perhaps, but the Belcolade origins are not great chocolate and I dont think that people buying them would be going wow and repeat purchasing. It certainly doesnt show what single origin is capable of and people maybe non plussed and left wondering what the hype is all about.

couldn't agree more but unfortunately even our top chefs& cafe's think callebaut and belcolade is as good as it gets

Ha ha yeah i know, the Belgian mystery, well done them on branding so well but all i taste is coconut. They are also hitting the right price point to quality ratio to just get in everywhere.

the good thing happening is that once people try dark chocolate they don't go back to milk. as with all things people are at different points in their flavour journey whether its wine, coffee or chocolate. not to many people start by drinking Grange Heritage or Kenyan peaberry  coffee. so it is with chocolate, origin chocolate is a very, very small niche. My guess with Haighs its a stepping stone if volume increases with demand then perhaps they'll change to bean, a low risk test before committing capital $$$$

Hi, I am new to this group so still fumbling my way. What chocolate do you recommend to make truffles and pralines with.

Peter - I've been having a look through your website today. I assume you're doing your own bean to bar for the origins you mention? What about the cocoa powders you offer - are you pressing your own?


Also, for your eating chocolate, are they all in 25g bars or do you have a larger bar size as well (say 75g)?


Thanks for any info

stocks are abit low but currently have




Madagascan 64 & 77% bean to bar

the others are tweaked Cruziel, Pralus, Weiss, Chocovic depends who has the best origin that we can't get beans from.

no-one in Aust has the machinery to do powders, really no worth it for capital involved.

have looked at a larger bar but when we have done them customers still buy the 25g, seem to prefer buying 2-3 25g bars rather than 1 x 75g or 100g. our main sales are through specialty coffee cafes so a 25g origin bar & coffee is perfect size.

Ah, that helps understand your market a little better now - cheers

OK, a new one for me and I don't understand how we all missed it for so long. Apparently been going 4 years in WA.

Gabriel Chocolate. Quote from the packaging


"Gabriel Chocolate is the first bean to bar chocolate maker in Western Australia". Based in Margaret River. Not much on the website but located at:


Managed to source a few bars today here in Melbourne. Tried the Nacional Ecuador Milk which was very good. Dark milk but still soft to the bite. According to the back of the package


"We hand-sort, roast, winnow, refine and conch cacao beans from around the world . . . Each batch is limited to 250 bars . . ."


I'm not sure if they do internet sales but based on the milk Nacional it is worth trying to get some. I also have a Madagascan milk, white chocolate and 58% dark Nacional waiting to be tried.

That is interesting, perhaps Josh knows him, i,ll ask
Much more info on facebook page, seems the do a Chuao bar also. Have one awards too.


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