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Companies that specialise in Australian made single origin chocolate:

Cicada Chocolate
Bahen and Co Chocolate Maker
Daintree Estates

Check them out and add new ones if I have missed some, i know Niu does some but have never been able to get it and it is not their specialty. I also no Monsieur Truffe has a factory but havent seen any chocolate. I have heard Koko Black is looking at getting into actual bean to bar also. Of course their is Haighs but they dont do single origin yet.

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I am not srprised steaming didnt work, the detection threshold for the molecules that give the taint is extremely low, which is why it is such an issue in wine.

Oh the other thing is I think most other chocolate makers use the Tokiala plantation beans. Generally these beans are purchased by the exporter wet and fermented by the exporter then dried using diesel powered driers which are different again. The reasons for this is that one of the exporters owns the plantation. They are certainly high quality beans though as the plantation/exporter work together and use what is considered the best processing in the world. Its also a teaching plantation that assists farmers within the region. Most exporters I would imagine also try to avoid purchasing cocoa already fermented and dried from farmers as they prefer to control the process.

PNG beans within the larger chocolate world are also considered a bit of a powerhouse bean as are Madagascan beans. If you were making chocolate on a large scale the bulk of your cocoa might be of a lesser quality and you throw in a bit to bring out some flavour in the blend.

Yeah, I really like the PNG bean, good chocolate notes and also good acid levels and flavour. This is why the Aussie growers planted cultivars from PNG

A few things have been going on in Chocolate in Australia. First got hold of some Spencers Chocolate, an Aussie bean to bar specialising in Vanuatu beans. Really nice dark choc but the milk choc left a little to be desired, too much sugar and milk masked the origin too much, though having worked this bean extensivelly myself i must say formulating a milk choc that fit my requirements took a while. Going for a dark milk choc might even be a better option given the market.

Second ran accross Royce' Chocolate, a japaneese brand, specialising in ganache it seems with a little booze in it. It was quite ok actually. The did only one single origin which was Sur del Lago out of Venezuela only tasting squares. Really very nice, expensive stuff though, aiming high end. Only one store in Australia in Adelaide. Lots of pics of pods and trees in store, super plesant staff!

Also noticed can get Hotel Choclat stuff here in David Jones, no origin bars and limited stock to truffles and quirky bars.

Also disappointingly can't seem to find Valrhona estate origin bars in Australia anymore.


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