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Companies that specialise in Australian made single origin chocolate:

Cicada Chocolate
Bahen and Co Chocolate Maker
Daintree Estates

Check them out and add new ones if I have missed some, i know Niu does some but have never been able to get it and it is not their specialty. I also no Monsieur Truffe has a factory but havent seen any chocolate. I have heard Koko Black is looking at getting into actual bean to bar also. Of course their is Haighs but they dont do single origin yet.

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Must have been tired when i wrote that last one
Just going by origins and small batch operation, perhaps he is sourcing from John at Chocolate Alchemy?

Would make sense - the origins seem to line up

Josh just released this vid on youtube, really nicely done.


My company is Nick's Chocolate. Make bean to bar single origin in Brisbane. Wholesale to retailers and retail online.

Cool stuff, I'll check your site now!

Hey Nick,

Where are you retailing? My parents live in the Valley, I'll get them to pick me some up as they are visiting me soon. Don't want to ship this time of year to hear, it is likely to be 40 deg + on the day that it arrives.

So when did yo get into chocolate making? Looks like your business has been going since this time last year in any case.

Hi Tom,

I'm currently in a bit of a tough position with the weather really. Monte's Chocolate has purchased some already but I'm not sure how much they would have left and my own stocks are running a rather low post xmas. If you like I can arrange for them to pick some up or possibly deliver to them if you send me an email with what you want and either pay via an email invoice/paypal or in person. Likely I won't be taking on more wholesalers or selling too much more until I open my own shop which will hopefully happen in the next few months. I also haven't had any problems with the post yet although I can understand your concern.

Started making chocolate at the end of 2011, so I am quite new but have learned a lot since. My father was previously the CEO of NGIP-Agmark in PNG which was what spurred our interest in the other end of the industry. Started selling to friends, family, anyone I knew in about March last year and slowly worked my way through every possible complication/machinery/logistics/capital problem. So far feedback has all been incredibly positive and it has performed well on some very experienced palates so I am confident you will enjoy it.

Which Monty's are you in, I was visiting my parents in December last year and always check Monty's at the Hostpital to get my Pralus fix, didn't see any of your stuff in there and I am always looking out for new brands. As for shipping, I post chocolate to Port Douglas regularly all times of the year and haven't lost a shipment though it doesn't get crazy hot like here. We had 45 deg a week ago and 41 deg yesterday. I look forward to checking out your store when you get up and running! You should get permission to harvest the cacao tree in the Tropical Dome, I did one year  but it is a bit hard to harvest from Adelaide so didn't end up doing that. The guys I spoke to at the botanic gardens were quite agreable and interested, just slip them a few bars and you should be right. Anyway I will send you an email, I am always keen to try new chocolate. I have a mate visiting Hawaii and is picking me up a bunch of Madre.

Hmm I am not sure to be honest, I didn't sell much to Monte's and it wasn't until around the 20th of December? Chances are it probably wasn't there when you went. Steve from Monte's has told me he likes to keep all his stores well stocked with everything, so you can go to any and they should have what you are looking for. Its also unlikely I will be selling any great quantity in the next month because I simply do not have time or a cool enough place to make it. However, I do have a few bars left for you which I can reserve. I have just been incredibly busy which is probably a good thing until I have a cooler place to make chocolate so I am still yet to even meet Steve from Monte's along with a few other retailers who have been interested in selling my bars.

Yeah, i was up there around the 10th so would have missed the bars. Steve is a really nice guy and knows his choc, you are in the right spot in his stores.

Oh and I will post some updates when I finally get some time on the Facebook page.


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