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Companies that specialise in Australian made single origin chocolate:

Cicada Chocolate
Bahen and Co Chocolate Maker
Daintree Estates

Check them out and add new ones if I have missed some, i know Niu does some but have never been able to get it and it is not their specialty. I also no Monsieur Truffe has a factory but havent seen any chocolate. I have heard Koko Black is looking at getting into actual bean to bar also. Of course their is Haighs but they dont do single origin yet.

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Yep, i got my hands on some too, all of them in fact. They are ok, pretty much similar to the stuff i used to get from chocolate alchemy. Not mind blowing chocolate but ok. Presentation and packaging though was pretty damn good. Also their milk chocolate is still very crystaline. In my experience milk chocolate is quicker to grind down, so not really sure what was going on there. Oh and the Ecuador was aweful all the hallmarks of a very poor fermentation, not their fault but i wouldnt be putting it out there. Madagascar was best for me, Trinidad was interesting but had some faults, perhaps just a different roast profile would help.

Another chocolate maker has popped up in Victoria, Hunted and Gathered, this time a raw / paleo chocolate.

Is it stretching it a little to call them "chocolate" makers. This is from their website:

ingredients: organic virgin cacao butter, organic dark agave nectar, organic cacao powder, organic coconut oil, organic carob, organic cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt.

I would have thought adding carob and coconut oil means its no longer "chocolate".

Yeah, i saw this, perhaps one to keep an eye on for products, got the tip from Jesse Last, who has been working with them to supply them with cacao beans through his company CacaoVivo


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