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I have some questions about the Savy Goiseau Automatic Guitar that can be seen in the following video:

I was quoted $6825 plus shipping for this from Chocolate Solutions in Canada.

It comes with several frames 15.0, 22.5, 30.0, 37.5 and 45.0. (mm?)

I need to check those sizes to compare how close it comes to the 1" squares I currently cut.

I have a Martellano guitar I had retooled to make 1" squares as their frames were too big or too small.

Chocolate World, Belgium also has one but I have not received the quote back..

The guitar can cut thru nuts as demonstrated in the You Tube video. Not sure if it can also cut caramels.

Does anyone have one of these? It looks more efficient than a standard guitar and hopefully less complicated to restring.

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Hi Melanie,

Those guitars seem pretty interesting. It seems as though the automatic guitar actually cuts slower than working with the traditional guitar. I personally have a Dedy, the German made guitar. It is easy to clean and much better than the plastic model.  I cut my ganaches using a 25 mm frame. That is the perfect size for me. 22.5 is a little too small for me and 30 is a little too big in my opinion. I make a lot of fleur de sel caramels and I cut them all on my guitar without breaking strings. With that said, I would never cut nougat with it or anything with large pieces of nuts. If I focused on those products, the automatic guitar might be a good option. Let us know if you spring for it.

Hi Melanie. Given the frame sizes that you listed above (15, 22.5, etc.), the base for this machine will have 7.5mm spacing. There are 25.4mm per inch, therefore you would want a 25mm cutter in order to make 1in square cuts. Check to see if the machine comes in a 5mm base option, since that would give you a 25mm cutter instead of a 22.5 -- which would do the trick.

Pavoni makes a similar automatic cutter as well as a manual one. You may wish to obtain a quote from them too. Let us know how it goes!

Chocolate World shows an electric one and Vantage House shows a manual one made by Chocolate World - cost seems to be a little over 2000 english pounds - they are calling it a nougat/fudge cutter.

Hi Melanie,

Martellato also makes this type of guitar, manual, and has more frame sizes.,83,91,1126,chitarra_...



I was at Tomric on Tuesday - they have the Pavoni electrical one.  Didn't get a price however.


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