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I'm looking at buying my first melter, simply to melt and not temper, likely the Bakon 123 Mini or Mol d'Art 6kg, and I'm curious if anyone has had experience with both. Pros & cons...

Also, if you've got something to sell, feel free to message me.

Thank you!!

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Both are very simple machines when you get right down to it. The major difference in price is that the outer shell of the Mol d'Arts are made from plastic and the Bakons are all stainless steel. There have been some reports that the thermostats of the Mol d'Arts are not as robust (or accurate) as they could be.

So, you are getting when you pay for when you get a Bakon. Another source for similar machines that could be slightly cheaper is Desin et Realization (

I know people who use standard buffet warmers and regular hotel pans (make sure to get one that does not require water). These have the advantage of being very cheap but the temperature controls are not all that precise. If you can get a two-input PID controller you can put one probe on the heating element to keep it from getting too hot and the other in the chocolate to control the temperature.

Nice, thanks Clay, was hoping you'd have some input. Seems like my options start at $618 ( for the 6kg MdA and go up to around a grand for the Bakon that's twice that size. Usually I'm into DIY, but will probably save that for when I'm more familiar with these things :)


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