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I am looking for a supplier for bar packaging.. I found chocolat-chocolat in montreal but they do not have what I need.. ideally I would like to find a pillow box with a window that would allow me to insert a 100g bar with some toppings on it, all that I found allowed no room, the fit was too tight.

any ideas ? I would not want to go all the way to china, i do not need too many right now.

thank you !


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Have you tried Nashville Wraps or Modpac?


I had visited Nashville Wraps and did not find what I want, I just emailed Modpac, thanks for the tip !


Go to also have some wonderful options.  Little more pricey than Nashville and Modpac, but looks it too.

Good Luck!

I use this guy

Jerry Hartje
National Sales Manager
Artistic Carton Co.
1975 Big Timber Road
Elgin, IL 60123
(c) 847-409-4138


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