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I was told that there is a great article in Manufacturing Confectioner about the Basics of Panning Chocolates. Unfortunately, when I googled the article, only the first page shows up. Does anyone have a copy of the September 1996 issue? Does anyone have any basic tips for panning macadamias?

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Haven't got a copy of that -but have taken the panning course from the NCA. Link to a demo I did on eGullet here
Here is the direct link to the demo (it's post #25).

I've never seen dry ice actually dumped into the pan before.

To make this more friendly, make a cooling chamber by using an ice chest. Attach a small fan on one side of the chest and a flexible hose (e.g., vacuum cleaner) on the other. The fan blows air over the dry ice cooling it and creating positive pressure in the chest forcing it out the hose. You can direct the cool air into the pan using any number of simple rigs. You could use regular ice but that would pick up moisture which you don't want - so don't.

Spend a few more bucks and get a variable speed fan and by introducing slots into the hose that can be covered up you can also alter air flow and have a way to alter the temperature of the air flow.

There are other ways to do this, like have the fan pull and blow over the contents of the pan instead of the other way around. You embed a hose into a container that you fill with water and put in the freezer. This is cheaper than using dry ice and uses a lot less energy all the way around. The hose (embedded in a coil) in the ice acts as a heat exchanger and the fact that the air is not exposed to the ice means that the air doesn't pick up any moisture.

:: Clay
I think the pictures have been lost from the demo that shows the item my hubby built for me from PVC tubing that allows me to blow the cold air over the dry ice for the polishing stage.

I really like your ides of the hose embedded in the ice coil. You could also jury rig one of those portable air conditioners to blow cold air.

While this demo shows the use of polish to shine the product - I really like the technique where you heat up the coated product until it becomes mallable, then cool until it shines.
Thanks for the info! I didn't think that San Francisco weather would force me to use dry ice, something I have never heard of using for panning. But this seems like the answer to my problem.
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